the last years i learned blender, started with version 2.49 – today the actual version. i need this programm to build avatars, armors, fashion, buildings, vehicles and many more all the -Renns TRAUM- content in secondlife. 🙂  i cant show all my work here but you get a small taste about it.

this black panther avatar is one of 6 different panthera styles, check out the others in secondlife. made in blender 2.67 comes with specularmap, normalmap & diffusemapPanthera Avatar vendor 4 black panther KopieDouble Dragon Mutation Armor Vendor 4 Kopie_Renns TRAUM_ StoneGolem Vendor 1_Renns TRAUM_ Juggernaut Avatar Vendor 1*Renns TRAUM* cheapers creepers, sharkboy

my first mesh avatar the little sharkboy. a beta version. this avatar comes with a texture changer and only compatible with secondlife MESH VIEWER.

this is my next step, a giant scorpion designt in blender 2.59. step by step 🙂

this is professor punishment a realy evil cyborg and his enemy the good guy captain beta. with shadow templates you can build your own fashion for him.


Werewolf Human Hybrid