ShoulderPaw Maushe (gacha)

here you only can win 😀

my little gacha collection comes with the new Shoulderpet „Maushe“

maushe will sit on your shoulder, you can feet her with snacks or play with her. there are many more cute features. but try it yourself ^__^ she comes in many different traits, so be carefull wich one you choose. each comes with own emotions and custom animations. some are evil and wild others are totaly clumsy or shy and more.

here comes a example for you:

ShoulderPaw Maushe Trait DEER Vendor Kopie ShoulderPaw Maushe Trait PENGUIN Vendor Kopie ShoulderPaw Maushe Trait SABERTOOTH Vendor Kopiegood luck, you will need it ^__^


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